Friday, November 17, 2006

Top 10 James Bond songs

Recently we talked about the worst James Bond songs, so howabout we switch gears to the best! :-)

IGN listed their top 10, with Live and Let Die (by Paul McCartney and Wings) taking the top slot. Shoulda known, huh? Personally, The World is not Enough also struck a sweet chord with me, so...that's probably my number one.

What's your favorite Bond song?


Blogger Clark Douglas said...

Okay, so I'm going to rank the Bond songs myself, just to settle what's what.

1. All the Time in the World: This is a beautiful, beautiful love song, Louis Armstrong's final tune. Wow, it's unmatchable, and certainly contains more depth than any other.

2. Live and Let Die: Super cool Paul McCartney tune for a terrible movie.

3. Goldfinger: Shirley Bassey's iconic anthem is a bold piece of work.

4. The Spy Who Loved Me: Cheesy as all get-out, but I just love this gorgeous Carly Simon song.

5. The World is Not Enough: A very good song from Garbage, the best Bond song Arnold has written. Too bad he doesn't really use it in the score.

6. Goldeneye: Tina Turner's smashing tune is a fine return to form, a great "villain" song.

7. Diamonds are Forever: Shirley Bassey again, she really captures that Bond feeling.

8. You Know My Name: So yeah, I really enjoyed this Chris Cornell song. I don't think Cornell is the ideal singer, but the melody is stunning.

9. You Only Live Twice: Hooray for Nancy Sinatra!

10. From Russia With Love: Very nice ballad, a lot of others don't like.

11. Thunderball: Tom Jones puts a lot of energy into this silly song.

12. All Time High: Beautiful melody, bad lyrics. Better as an instrumental.

13. For Your Eyes Only: Bill Conti's nice melody just never really clicked with me as a song, but great as a love theme.

14. A View to a Kill: Duran Duran's song is strong enough no to be badly damaged by it's dated instrumentation.

15. Moonraker: The least memorable of the Shirley Bassey efforts.

16. The Man with the Golden Gun: Wildly goofy, a funny misfire with laughably beyond-awful lyrics.

17. Tomorrow Never Dies: Sheryl Crow's song is too lackluster, the alterate version David Arnold wrote ("Surrender") is far better.

18. License to Kill: License to Meh.

19. The Living Daylights: Sheesh, I hate this stupid and irritating "A-Ha" song.

20. Die Another Day: The less said, the better.

That's my list. :-)

Back at ya later

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