Monday, November 13, 2006

Alan Silvestri's "Night at the Museum"

In one of the better (IMHO) switches of the year (outside of Zimmer/Horner on Code), the producers behind December's Night at the Museum flick, decided to trade John Ottman for Alan Silvestri. The result has been described as a "gargantuan action-adventure score" with a "monstrous symphony orchestra." Wondrous! Just the thing I needed to tithe me over till Silvestri's score to Beowulf comes out next year.

Hopefully this should be more like The Mummy Returns than Van Helsing, though. The latter--despite being very entertaining--was pretty much the same action pieces looped over and over, while Mummy was a truly amazing effort. Both ethnic--without being cliche--and ripped with powerful symphonic action cues, Mummy is probably my favorite Silvestri soundtrack.

The movie--about museum artifacts and fossils coming alive after closing time--comes out in mid December, with the soundtrack hitting stores on December 18th.


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