Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Listen to the REVOLUTIONIZED "Nightmare before Christmas" songs

The 2-disc soundtrack release to The Nightmare Before Christmas (in 3D) remake doesn't hit store shelves for another week, but thanks to Myspace you can listen to the following songs from that rennovated score:

1. This is Halloween (Marilyn Manson) - 3:23 (fondly called "the vampire's anthem"...the nickname is apt; if the original song was creepy, Mansion's rendition is--not surprisingly--simply demonic)

2. What's This (Fall Out Boy) - 3:00 (As I expected, this is my favorite cover on the new CD. Patrick Stump's sort of deranged vocal set is perfect for the mood of the story--though sometimes it's hard to adjust to his very UN-Danny Elfman-like voice. The way he hits the notes on the line: "what's this,"--turning this into a lilting falsetto--is one of several sweet additions the guys make.

3. Sally's Song (Fiona Apple) - 3:20 (Of the four songs previewed on the myspace page, this cover is probably the most faithful to the original. With a harpsichord and string ensamble backing the poppy style, Apple does a pretty good "Sally" impression, though it's more angsty than sweet.

4. Kidnap the Sandy Claws (She Wants Revenge) - 5:09 (When I first heard the news that a bunch of the original soundtrack's songs were to be covered on a 2-disc special edition, the cover song I was most excited about hearing was this one. In my opinion the Lock, Shock, and Barrel ensamble song was the most underrated of the original songs. Elfman's music is whimsical, yet devilish, bringing out the elements of the kids' "childishness" and then distorting those musical qualities in much the same way as he did with his unreleased Little Demons musical. To get back to the updated version, though--it is BY FAR the weakest of the remakes (cruel irony then that it would be the longest, too). Justin Warfield's voice is monotone throughout the entire song, which is made even worse by the fact that the music is pure synth and propelled by an idiotic bm,bm,bm,bm beat. Blech!)

Listen to the songs HERE.

I haven't heard the "This Is Halloween" cover by Panic! At the Disco yet (or the original demo by Danny Elfman), but I'll put up a link once I find it (so stay tuned for updates); I'm sure it's floating around the world-wide-web somewhere! If any of you know where I could find the mp3, though, you'd save me the trouble of searching! ;-)

All-in-all, I still think this updated soundtrack is a great thing, and I can't wait to buy it, and check out the movie, once the date rolls around....

10 days...and counting!


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