Friday, October 20, 2006

Brian Tyler to produce the music for "Big Bad Wolf"

In something of a mockery, Fangoria (America's Horror magazine) announced that Brian Tyler would be producing the soundtrack to the upcoming thrasher flick Big Bad Wolf which is about (unsurprisingly) a werewolf. Director Lance W. Dreesen said about the soundtrack (which was composed by the musical mind behind Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dana Niu): “The effects and music rock! Our score really kicks [you know what]. It’s pounding, percussive and eerie orchestral music that’s better than we had any right to expect. The beast really lucked out!”

Cool! Certainly the trailer didn't make me wanna run to the nearest theatre to catch the film (not that I could; it's making the festival rounds now), but--as I've said many times before--anything with Brian Tyler's signature is worth a listen, at least. Which is what I'll do, providing the music gets an actual CD release, that is.

(Now I'm going to poste that soundtrack review.)


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