Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Lion King extended soundtrack

This clip (from the extended soundtrack) is just a reminder of how bitter it is to only have a few tracks of Hans Zimmer's beautiful (Oscar-winning) music on the original score:

Kings of the Past

If I ever find this bootleg version (which contains 80 minutes of music) it's going to be one of the best days of my life!


Blogger Amy said...

Hey there,

I completely agree. A few days ago I rewatched The Lion King for the first time in maybe 2 years (my VHS player broke and all of my Disney stuff is on tape). I really love the music, so I got all the instrumental scores on the original movie soundtrack. I was so mad when I found out they cut out a lot of the good stuff, like the battle music between Simba/Scar.

Do a Google search. I found a website where you can download the movie files from this album. It's not free, but the most expensive one is only 51 cents or something!

3:46 PM

Anonymous kat said...

I have a version and it has all the instrumental music plus the songs... a friend gave it to me for my birthday

10:36 PM


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