Sunday, July 09, 2006

Spotlight on TREVOR RABIN

With 4 more assignments this year (Glory Road already being under his belt), the talented Trevor Rabin is a busy man. Of all the upcoming movies he's scoring:

Snakes on a Plane
The Gridiron Gang
The Guardian
Flyboys most anticipated is the soundtrack to The Guardian. Out of them all, this film (view trailer) seems to have the most similarities to an Armageddon-type musical backdrop. The film stars Kevin Costner (wow, he's not so young anymore) as a Coast Guard guru training a bunch of rednecks how to do the whole search-and-rescue thing. The trailer contains some pretty intense music (probably not Rabin's), but it sounds a bit like National Treasure crossed with Armageddon. That's a potent mixture, by the way!!

So, keep your fingers crossed and an ear out for all those flicks, but especially The Guardian.

In the meantime, listen to a couple of Rabin's better known works (in their entirity):

First, the theme of Remember the Titans.

Also, here's--perhaps--his most famous work, the synthesized (yet glorious!) theme to Armageddon. A truly awesome piece of music, to be sure! Some felt it was overused in the film, but--like Crimson Tide--when you have such an incredible thematic cue that really pulls emotion from the listener/viewer--USE IT! His use of the human voice here is nothing short of brilliant, as well. Oh--and don't diss the electric guitar!!

Deep Blue Sea certainly wasn't Trevor Rabin's most acclaimed soundtrack of the 90s, but it contained a decent horror backdrop to the crazed shark-thriller. Here's his Suite to that film.

And his main theme for Enemy of the State was certainly a different sound; but not too shabby in its diverse genre. Still, the Media Ventures influences are obvious; synths abound!

Have a favorite Trevor Rabin score? (We didnt even touch on National Treasure. Maybe later, eh?...) Give a shout out and tell me what you think! :-)

Until next time.........have a good one!

-Sam Van Eerden


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