Sunday, July 02, 2006

Soundtracks coming soon!

Of course we all know the next biggest soundtrack will be Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Latest buzz is that its a quantam leap over the first one, but...then again, this is Hans Zimmer we're talking about! Soundtrack is hitting stores on the fourth. That's Tuesday!!

Elia Cmiral, who's been pretty much at large since his one and only major soundtrack breakout to the Robert DeNiro film Ronin (1998), is back in the drivers seat composing the original score to Wes Craven's Pulse. The horror (of course!) film is due on the fourteenth, though I'm not sure if Cmiral's score is getting a release, too. I'm intrigued. The guy's still on this side of fifty and he's composed a couple dozen TV and movie scores over the last two decades--mostly in the horror genre, so his music for Pulse might really surprise some people. He seems like an intelligent person, too. Read's interview with him for more info. And here's an EXCELLENT clip from another horror score he did for the film Bones. At over 2 1/2 minutes, it's a clip worth checking out. Creeeepy! [clip]

Lady in the Water is--of course--a James Newton Howard assignment. What can you say? The guy's incredible! The Village in 2004 earned him an Oscar nominee, and last year he threw together over two hours of music (in just over a month) for Peter Jackson's 200 million dollar monkey fling King Kong. Now he's back for another M. Night experience, and it's probably going to be his darkest musical experience since Sixth Sense. Guess we'll find out. The film hits theatres on the 21st, with Newton's score shortly preceeding it.

And we've got original scores for The Devil Wears Prada and A Scanner Darkly, as well; both by primarily background gurus who's main job is just to add moods to images. Soundtracks of this nature rarely get an album release.


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