Monday, July 17, 2006

"Lady in the Water"

James Newton Howard's latest soundtrack effort sounds an awful lot like a retro-combination of his earlier projects Signs and the Academy Award nominated The Village. For this reviewer, that's EXCELLENT news!

Click on over to (link here) for 5 excellent sound clips. They're all pretty good, but the theme of the "Prologue" is what really hooked me! "The Blue World" brings back images of King Kong in his island world. "The Healing" is very similar to moments from "The Hand of Fate (parts 1 and 2) in Signs. Not many people make note of this...but James Newton Howard likes to hack his earlier soundtracks for material in current scores. He's certainly not as shameless as James Horner, nor does he do it as much as the latter...but...he does do it. And, personally, that's fine with me! It's still all the way around GREAT music.


Blogger Cap Stewart said...

Just discovered this blog--and I love it! I’ll be coming back often.

Thanks for the heads-up on the sound clips from The Lady in Water. I’m definitely excited about this score.

6:59 AM


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