Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Farwell to the King" gets expanded release

Basil Poledouris, who composed the cult-craze, fantasy score for Conan the Barbarian is probably even more respected/loved for his fantastic music for Farewell to the King. That 1989 movie received a pretty lackluster response from moviegoers, but soundtrack-lovers snatched up the original score with such rapidity that it soon become a rarity, only popping up on auction websites.

Sound clips from original score:

*This Day Forth (full track)
*The Battle Montage (clip)
*Main Title (clip)

Now, however, due to high demand, record label Prometheus is releasing an extended edition of the soundtrack (containing 63 minutes) on August 1st (buy from Here's the track listing:

1. Prologue - The Trek (01:38)
2. Main Title (South China Sea) (01:37)
3. Flare of Youth (01:53)
4. Trek (01:25)
5. Mitaura (00:53)
6. The Women Saved Me (01:24)
7. Learoyd Slays Lian the Magnificent (01:21)
8. Honeymoon (00:38)
9. Zed Force (02:44)
10. Learoyd Saves the Child (03:22)
11. Learoyd Saves Nigel (02:43)
12. Nigel's Trip (04:14)
13. Battle Montage (02:37)
14. Realization (01:36)
15. The Wait (01:45)
16. Night of the Living (01:14)
17. Day of the Dead (01:14)
18. Village Attack (02:57)
19. This Day Forth (02:41)
20. The War is Over (03:20)
21. Imperialist Waltz (01:47)
22. Learoyd Sacrifices (04:23)
23. Farewell to My King (02:25)
24. Main Title [Flute Version] (01:37)
25. Battle Montage [Alternate Mix] (02:37)
26. Sorrow (00:49)
27. Grief (00:53)
28. The Jungle (01:42)
29. Japanese Radio Source Cue (02:18)
30. Rising of the Moon (01:14)
31. Main Title [Alternate Mix] (01:37)

An extended edition of a classic soundtrack soon-to-be-available for $19.00??!? That's an awesome deal, especially when it's for a soundtrack that's been harder than anything to get a hold of in the past few years.

I'm buying a copy! Are you?


Blogger Clark Douglas said...

Yep... I love me some Poledouris! I'll be snatching up a copy in the next week or so... I'll order it along with the next score collection from "Amazing Stories", Volume 2.

Back at ya later

6:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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