Monday, June 05, 2006

Rejected Composers

And just for those of you who might be wanting to crack into the world of film scoring....but fear your score will be rejected, check out this statistic:

Throughout their VERY illustrious careers, these were (and currently are) the most rejected composers of all time.

1st place: John Barry
2nd place: Elmer Bernstein
3rd place: Jerry Goldsmith

And of Barry--the only composer in that list who is still living--Sir Richard Attenborough (Father Christmas in Miracle on 34th street and Scientist on Jurassic Park) commented: "He’s never satisfied with what he does. Every day he wakes up and believes that into his mind and soul is going to come some magical arrangement of notes that he’s going to ultimately either entrance you with in a concert hall or cinema. It’s because he thinks there’s still a peak to climb that he’s a great film composer."

And that's what makes great composers. That's what allows people to rise above the mediocrity; above the stiff competition. Kudos to all three great music-wizards (especially the one still living!)!


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