Friday, June 30, 2006

Michael Danna's 67th film music appearance

The 48 year-old Mr. Danna (who has had more film scoring projects than birthday cakes) has just been handed his latest big one. The Nativity Story, a movie about the birth of Christ, financed by New Line Cinema (yes, the guys behind Frodo and Blade). Anyways, Mychael usually does well on stuff like this; though he hasn't produced anything as good before or since Vanity Fair in '04. Capote was a sizeable project, but more of a set of mood pieces than actual swaggers of melody. The Nativity Story will require a strong theme, nodoubt, as it IS a film about Christ--the Savior of the world.

Watch for this film and its soundtrack; it's sure to be a gorgeous, sweeping take on the three-thousand year old story, and the highlight of this "young" composer's career.

Clips of Danna's earlier: Vanity Fair. You'll see; it's beautiful stuff! I'm a bit surprised that he hasn't been signed on to more films of this nature (a la Pride and Prejudice).

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