Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mark Mckenzie to score "The Ultimate Gift"

Longtime soundtrack orchestrator Mark McKenzie, who orchestrated such projects as Danny Elfman's Spider-Man, Alan Silvestri's Van Helsing, John Ottman's X2, and John Powell's Ice Age 2 (among dozens more), has composed his first original score since 2003. That soundtrack was for the movie Blizzard, which was nothing but a sappy Christmas flick, but the music showed excellent promise (and a lot of Alan Silvestri influence!!); listen to a couple sample tracks:

Now, McKenzie has picked up the pen once again, joining his score to the songs (including one by Switchfoot) featured on the "Ultimate Gift" movie. Watch for this soundtrack (due, like the movie, in March of next year), after working with so many brilliant composers over the year's it's about time McKenzie branches out on his own. "Gift" is directed by Michael O. Sajbel and stars James Garner, Abigail Breslin,
Drew Fuller, and Brian Dennehy. For more on the movie (which contains an interesting premise), see the movie's imdb page.


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