Thursday, June 08, 2006

Christian Films...and their music

While Christian movies in the past 30+ years have been rare enough, getting a well-known cast to act in them has been all but impossible. Just in the past couple of years, though, fundamentally Christian pictures like Chronicles of Narnia, and of course The Passion of the Christ have footed monster budgets (hey, even the 30 million Gibson pooled was a fortune compared to the 15 million dollar Left Behind "epics"!) and put some big names (or voices in the case of Aslan) to the big screen. Even The Ultimate Gift, a movie (and its soundtrack) that I discussed in my last post, is carrying some star power in James Garner and (rising star) Abigail Breslin.

But now Christian movies are taking another step towards professional films that can compete with any other Hollywood offering. The music. Christian movie soundtracks have traditionally been full of (Christian rock) songs, with any original score being plunked out by an ameteur on an organ. Now, however, the industry is seeing the impact that a solid musical score can have on its film (take Jaws, for instance; the classic example), and is acting to change their musical trends. John Debney for The Passion, Harry Gregson-Williams for Narnia, and Mark Mckenzie, just to name a few.

This morning I came across another piece of news regarding David Bergeaud, a French composer who constructed the music for The Badge, The Visitation, Prince Valiant, Hangman's Curse, and The Outer Limits. Now he's signed on to score the music for Ted Dekker's thriller novel-turned-movie: Thr3e. Like Visitation and Hangman's Curse, Thr3e is a Christian movie that is trying to break the classic mold of crummy, corny Christian crud.

The soundtrack is an integral part of the movie, and it's excellent to see that Christian film producers are realizing this and trying to get better composers on board. We'll see how Thr3e (the movie, and the soundtrack turns out). Both are due late this year.

Bergeaud is also working on the soundtrack to the Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked video game. Now that shows some insane diversity!!

For another interesting Christian film soundtrack, check out Ron Owen's End of the Spear, which is pretty decent for a movie of its type (a docu-drama about murdered missionaries to South America).

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-Sam Van Eerden


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