Friday, June 02, 2006

"Cars".....take a listen!

Randy Newman's latest Pixar effort Cars will be released on Walt Disney Records in four days. But the internet is a grand and glorious thing, and I've scrounged around till I found a few clips. Check them out. Here is the same Newman we heard in Monsters Inc, yet this is more SMASH/CRASH and less jazz, which is more to my liking. Not every score can so successfully imitate Barry's original Bond styles! In keeping with the film's trailers, though, there are strong "country-bumpkin" overtones, which conjure up mental images of pick-ups and hoedowns. Fine for the mood

New Road

Opening Race

McQueen and Sally
The Big Race (and here we have a bit of a Shrek-sound. Not bad for such an integral piece!)
Dirt is Different


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