Thursday, May 25, 2006

Score buzz (May 25, 2006)

Released on Tuesday, John Powell's X:3 The Last Stand soundtrack is already receiving rave reviews by the critics. "It has taken three attempts by three different composers to get the music for the popular X-Men franchise right," said Cinemusic. That's definitely true, as these sound clips prove(!): Whirlpool of Love, Dark Phoenix's Tragedy, Attack on Alcatraz, The Last Stand.

Klaus Badelt never ceases to amaze me. The German composer seems not to care what project he sinks his teeth into. From blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean and Constantine to The Promise and Poseidon, Badelt's scores have certainly spanned more than genres. Today it was announced that he's signed on to the low budget film Heaven and Earth. The story is about James Miranda Barry, the first woman doctor, who masqueraded as a man to be able to pursue her career. Sounds like a brooding score a la a subdued James Newton Howard. After Badelt's amazing Promise soundtrack though, I've learned not to underestimate the man!

John Williams will receive the Hank Award handed out by the Henry Mancini Institute at its 10th Anniversary Concert and Gala Celebration on June 17. The institute was founded in 1997 by composer Jack Elliott, dedicated to the legacy of Henry Mancini, the legendary film composer who penned such famous themes as The Pink Panther, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Peter Gunn. addition to the presentation of the award to John Williams (who incidentally started out in the film music business as a session pianist playing on many of Henry Mancini’s recordings), the institute’s president, Ginny Mancini, will receive the HMI Legacy Award for visionary leadership in music education.

And.......everyone's favorite
Oingo Boingo is back in full force this year! That's right, after a brief respite, Danny Elfman's coming out with Nacho Libre this Summer, then with the remake of Charlotte's Web. Next year he'll be credited with the Simpson's Movie's main theme.


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