Friday, May 26, 2006

The "Da Vinci Code"

Hans Zimmer's score has been out for 16 days; the movie for 6. Already the film has grossed $97 million domestically and an additional $152 million worldwide. The soundtrack has also done well; generally living up to the massive hype that surrounded it, ever since the anouncement came that Zimmer was taking over for James Horner.

Still, a lot of what Hans wrote was similar to the style that Horner would have no-doubt used: bold, brooding chorus' and lengthy, developed cues, just to name a couple trademarks. However, Zimmer proved with the score's last instrumental track: "Che Valiers De Sangreal" just why he deserved the job. The powerful chorus is enhanced by driving percussion and a trumpet fanfare that would make even Jerry Bruckheimer jealous!

Track Listing:
01. Dies Mercurii I Martius (6'03)
02. L'esprit Dès Gabriel (2'48)
03. The Paschal Spiral (2'49)
04. Fructus Gravis (2'50)
05. Ad Arcana (6'07)
06. Malleus Mareficarum (2'21)
07. Salvete Virgines (3'16)
08. Daniel's 9th Cipher (9'31)
09. Poisened Chalice (6'19)
10. The Citrine Cross (5'21)
11. Rose Of Arimathea (8'11)
12. Beneath Alrischa (4'23)
13. Che Valiers De Sangreal (4'09)
14. Kyrie For The Magdalene (3'55)

Score Central review coming SOON!


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