Monday, May 29, 2006

Clips of the Week

Here's a little spot where I'm featuring some soundtrack clips. I'll try to be ecclectic in my selection, but the purpose is to give you a taste of different musical scores you may not have heard before.
  • First off the block is the 30-second "Main Titles" clip from the game soundtrack Black.
  • Chicken Little's soundtrack by work-house composer John Debney (joined by a slew of pop artists) wasn't much of a listen; but this track "The sky is Falling" was definitely the highlight.
  • Apparently The Punisher had more to offer--in the way of a soundtrack--then a hard rock album. Newbie composer Dennis Dreith does a pretty good job pulling off the toned-down-Silvestri-style, particularly in these "Main Titles."
  • If you haven't already experience the far out bizzare-ness of Bear McCreary's revamped Battlestar Galactica score (for the latest TV season), then you owe it to yourself to check out the craziness! Here's a taste in "Escape from the Farm."
  • Did any of you ever actually hear the Oscar-nominated score for Gustavo Santaolalla's Brokeback Mountain soundtrack?!? I didn't think so. Well, here's a listen, it's sounds like an intro to Toby Keith's latest single: "The Wings."
  • And one final piece for now......just to round up the fun: John Powell's Ice Age: The Meltdown had some great pieces in it. Here's one: "Rescues all around" and tell me you can't tell the similarities between this and the X-Men clips I posted on a previous day....
Hope you enjoyed the listen-around, I'll be back with more, later! Until then, here's what I'm spinning in iTunes (with my ratings; out of five):

James Horner's Spitfire Grille (*** 1/2)
Harry Gregson-Williams' Veronica Guerin (***)

-Sam Van Eerden


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